Sunday, January 25, 2015

Neck Scarf



I didn't take enough pics, but saw the cutest pattern on line from Sew 4 Home. It was a basic neck scarf for a man. What I liked about it was that they have you make a small zippered bag and then see it on one end of the scarf. The bag is made from ribbed sport nylon .. I think that is the right verbage for it. Anyway it was clever. The length was 60 inches. For me, that's not long enough, but the person I made it for is small framed, so it should work. I changed my copy of the length of the pattern to 72 inches, because I think most people would find that length more suitable. 

Anyway, here is the one pic I took of it. Note the zippered pocket. You can wear the scarf with bag showing or reverse scarf and have bag next to your body. My friends has a large dog she walks daily, so bag could hold keys, bags for poop scoops, or whatever. 


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